NYC: Week 2

I'm a bit behind on my updates. Don't be mad. Here's what I did last week.

Monday: I spent the holiday doing chores. I found the closest laundromat, which is down the street and around the corner. I miss my washer and dryer at home. It's much easier to carry laundry down the hall, rather than down the street.

Tuesday: Continuing on with the chores, I spent the day working, working out, and then making a run to the grocery store. Turns out, when you can't pack your car full of groceries, you need to go shopping much more often.

Wednesday: I went with a friend to visit the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum. They had a display on fashion trends for the last hundred years. It was interesting, and more importantly, free. 

Thursday: We were still feeling that polar vortex. So instead of going out in the cold, I opted to stay home. 

Friday: I spend the morning doing more chores {yeah, I'm still settling in}. I went to Target by myself and popped down to the local grocery store. That way, I didn't have to lug home a gallon of milk on the subway. 

In the evening, I went into the city to meet up with Luke and friends for dinner near Times Square. Afterwards, we got cupcakes from the Cake Boss Cafe. While the cake part was good, the frosting was average and not real buttercream. Honestly, it tasted like it came from a grocery store bakery. So don't believe the hype. 

Saturday: After a long week, Luke and I decided we just wanted a low-key day. So we went shopping and had lunch. We spend the evening relaxing at home.

Sunday: This week, we went to church in Manhattan. The trains weren't running on regular schedules, so we ended up being a bit late. Some of the Manhattan wards meet in the chapel that's a part of the temple building. While that sounds pretty cool {if you're a Mormon, at least}, the floor designated for the chapel looks pretty much like any regular ward building. It's got a kitchen and a large gym with basketball hoops. In fact, unless you look out the window, it feels like any other ward building. 

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